Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boohoo Wishlist.

Boohoo Wishlist.

Top L-R: 1 (link here), 2 (link here) and 3 (link here) 
Bottom L-R: 1 (link here), 2 (link here) and 3 (link here)

Well it certainly has been a while, has it not? With settling into university and living somewhere completely different my blog has taken a back seat. I have also been having a few problems with my laptop so even when I have wanted to blog, I haven't been able to *cries* I've come home for the weekend so I thought I'd make use of my dads laptop and do some blogging, so here we go!

I have never been the biggest fan of boohoo they've never really taken my interest, so when my mum told me she had ordered a few bits from their website I wasn't really sure what to expect. Luckily my mum has great taste in clothes and I was pleasantly surprised! The quality of the clothing is excellent for the price (when browsing I didn't see anything more expensive than £20). I thought I'd make a little wishlist of some of the clothes I'm loving in case, like me, you were also in the dark about boohoo. I will  probably definitely have to purchase the fisherman jumper dupe as it is beautiful! 

What online websites do you love? 
Bronwyn x