Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Florida Adventures.

I said in my 'Starting Afresh' post that I would do a post on my holiday to Florida and here it is! We stayed in a lovely villa at Calaby Parc in Davenport which was only around fifteen minutes away from the main theme parks. My dad bought a flexiticket online beforehand which saved money and allowed us 2 weeks unlimited access to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure Sea World, Busch Gardens, Wet N Wild and Aquatica, if you're looking at going to Florida I highly recommend buying a flexiticket as the entrance fee's to the parks are quite expensive. 

I have to say that Universal Studios was definitely my favourite place that we visited, I really can't describe how amazing the rides, the atmosphere and the park itself was. The icing on the cake was finally visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it genuinely felt like I was on the set and I have to say I nearly cried from being that overwhelmed (I'm silly, I know) Aside from that, I would have to say my favourite ride in the park was 100% the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster which allowed you to listen to a selection of music while you ride the roller coaster, which was definitely a unforgettable experience and it made the ride itself so much more exciting!

As well as visiting all the theme parks stated above we also managed to squeeze in other activities such as a Hover Boat ride out in the Florida marshes, the surroundings were so beautiful and we even managed to spot a few alligators and bald eagles up close which was amazing! We also spent an afternoon as CSI's in CSI: the experience which is located on international drive, I'm a massive CSI fan and was totally in my element solving the three crimes I would definitely recommend spending an afternoon here. 

The food in America was definitely the highlight of my day! I shall not ramble on much longer as this turning out to be a long post but if you ever go to Florida (or America in general as I'm sure these were chain restaurants) please go and eat at Hard Rock Cafe, Olive Gardens, Bahama Breeze and IHOP (picture of amazing pancakes pictured above) 

WOW I've finally stopped for air! I could seriously droan on and on about how amazing my time there was, did you guys go anywhere nice abroad? or discover somewhere new in the UK? I'd love to hear your holiday tales. 

Bronwyn X

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